The culture of wearing shirts


A shirt has been a part of men's fashion for centuries and still is. This custom has become an everlasting trend that will probably never disappear, but it will evolve, develop and modify itself throughout the years.

A male shirt was also a part of Serbian men's national costume.

Even in those times, shirts were made of cotton. Men's shirts used to be longer and had a low cut on the chest with a small collar and rimes and sleeves with cuffs.

Nowadays, we can ask ourselves whether men's shirt represent a necessity or a luxurious pleasure!

Naturally, there is a need to own shirts made of comfortable cotton that fit your body shape and that are suitable for each occasion. On the order hand, it gives you the satisfaction of making the best impression on people. The fact that you are wearing something of high quality can be thrilling.

And remember: " Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, greatly improve his appearance."

Henry Ward Beecher


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