About us

MARSHALL was established as a family company business in 2006 in Cacak, Serbia.

We started out as a little shop selling man's clothing. Our youth and enthusiasm led us to develop our own brand MARSHALL. The first clothing line of the brand included just men's shirts. In a very short time, we started  producing  man's sweaters, trouseres and expanding selection of man's shirts under the brand name MARSHALL. Today, we can say for sure that we have the best selection  of man's shirts in Cacak.

We are proud of our successful cooperation with a number of Serbian companies as well as the companies from Slovenia, Italy and Austria.

We hope that our stores will soon find their place in other cities and towns in Serbia, as well as abroad.

It is a fact that we set our goals high; that we have strong will power and that we are deeply committed to our work and love what we do. With the family encouragement, your support, sureness and persistence we can succeed in everything we do and become even better.

Best regards,



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