"If a woman buys a men's shirt, she's in love. When she irons it, she's married. If she sings while she's doing all that, she's both."


 Shirts are the most important part  of MARSHALL clothing line. Their main  characteristic is that thay are made of Italian and Austrian natural fabrics of the highest quality. These cotton shirts are available in various designs patterns and colors and they are easy to maintain.

Keeping in mind our customers needs, we offer several models of shirts:

classical men's shirt -  design appealing to most men;

slim fit  shirt- (fitted men's shirt) they make you look slimmer and they fit your body;

large sizes - (for bigger people) they make  you feel very comfortable;

short  sleeve shirts - pleasant to wear in the summer.

In the production and creative process, apart from  the high quality fabrics, interesting design and various models, we also pay attention to details that  make MARSHALL shirts so unique and complete.


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